Thursday, March 7, 2013

to fall in love, with me.

Before falling in love with me, you must know about the constant meltdown. You must know about my damaged heart, and my broken soul. Be aware that I never sleep at night, and sometimes I cry myself to sleep because I'm too tired of my daily life and routine. You must know about my need for your love, my need for your supports through my rough days and my constant fear of losing you. And know about my terrible fear of cats and the way I act ignorant to all the things happening around because I'm afraid of being hurt. 

But once you fall in love with that part of me, you can fall in love with my delicate smile. you can fall in love with the way I remembered all the tiny little details about you, your life. You can fall in love with the way I'll bake you cakes, not only for your birthday, but anytime when you feel like to eat one. The way i'll cheer you up when you have a hard day to go through. fall in love with the way I laugh and all the encouragement words that I'll give to you. fall in love with all the surprises I made because I'm so good in making people heart's warm at all the time that you won't see it coming. 

then, you can fall in love with me as a whole, or not love me at all. 


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