Saturday, October 16, 2010

its my ibu's birthday..

16102010..its my ibu's 39th birthday..

wow, a year before 40??seriously,i have a big party to plan right?

she's currently in Philippines for a vacation,together with ayah and lil bro,azam..

its been 4days,without their voice,hahhaa..
well,i'll talk to them everyday actually,so,its kind of weird and my days were'nt complete without it..but we are connected by facebook,hahaha..everyday,ayah will upload their new pictures,and i'll comment them..thats the only way..well,it'll cost a lot even to reply a message kan,hehehe..rm 2 is quite a lot kan, lah,if just wanna say hai and hear my daily life story,better dont,hehehe..such a waste ja..

my ibu, i love,who didnt love her mum?hahahah..

she's the biggest influence in my life,she'd do everything for me,when i say everything,it is evrything..

maybe its my luck,kind of,if i tell her that i want something,there's 99.9% possibility that i would get what i want..not only me,to my brothers too,not only us,to her siblings and friends too..

she's the greatest present that i have from ALLAH..cant compared to anybody else..she's the reason that i breath for over 20years..

when i achieved anything,even the very little achievement,she'll be proud of me like it was the biggest achievement a human can made,hahahahahaha..thats a mu
m right..oh,miss you now,ibu..

when i say "oh ibu,i'll fail,i'll fail!" and she calmly says "u lose before u tried?? do your best,leave the rest to ALLAH..but,you are sooo not gonna fail..ibu knows you.." well yes,ive never failed,hahahahahha..most of it,yang sikiiiiiiiit lagi mau fail,ahahahha..aku rasa mmg fail bah tu,tp berkat doa ibu,nda jadilah fail,ahhahahaah..

i think im not a good daughter,but ive tried to be..but ibu will owez says "im proud of u", "u are the best"..

a mother,is the greatest creature that ALLAH made,with a big loving heart, with a spirit like they will stand even until the world war 5,haahhaha..

ibu,i miss you badly..happy birthday ibu..terima kasih sebab lahirkan kakak..=] nda rugi lahir ke dunia,kalau ada ibu mcm ibu!=]

"ya ALLAH,kau berkatilah ibuku,ampunkan segala dosanya, di atas segala kebaikannya kepada orang dan pengorbannya terhadap keluarga kami, please save a place for her in heaven.. jauhkan ibuku dari kesusahan,berkati perjuangannya..berikan ibuku kesihatan yang baik,kesabaran yang jitu dan keteguhan untuk berada di landasan mu.. jauhkan ibuku dari hasad dengki manusia, ataupun gang
guan syaitan durjana..sebab bagiku,ibu tidak layak walau sedikitpun untuk merasa kesusahan.. tapi,jika itu yang terbaik untuk ibuku,maka terpulanglah.."

my latest pic with ibu,raya 2010