Saturday, November 17, 2012

a little bit here and there

woah, it's been quite a while since the last time I wrote here. 

few months ago, how was I like? some kind of broken is it? :)

hello everybody, how's your life going? how's your heart beating? 

2.00 a.m, 17 november 2012. suddenly I'm in mood to write down something here, a world of my own, where I can mingle down all my words and thoughts. 

My life, for these few months. awesome, hectic, but yet, towards, the end of year, it started to be a disaster. 

let's start with early september shall we. semester 5 saya baru bermula pada masa itu. But then, sejak minggu pertama september itu, sampailah sekarang, kerja saya travel saja. cool? no. heh. end of september, I'm in Penang for some University activities, then back from penang, I'm busy choreographing, hah, choreographing gituuuu. mampu? :p sebab I'll not be around for the show, so I do the choreograph part. early october, I was in Kuching for my cousin's convo. hebat kan nok, mau juga pergi kuching. haruslah, cucu pertama, and well, siapalah mau kena kasi tinggal kalau bab holiday. kan? end of october, I had a road trip to bentong,pahang. to berjaya hills resort, some sort of colmar tropicale alike, nice place. and there, for the first time, I tried rock climbing. fun, tapi sakit. then early november, I was in terengganu for festkum, festival kebudayaan universiti-universiti malaysia. and, last week, I'm back home. and today, I'm typing lively from my hostel room. so, each month, I travel, here and there. and guess what? insyaAllah I'll be in riau, indonesia for december, for some U activity again. pergi lebih jauh nampaknya yaaa. syukur alhamdulillah di atas rezeki Allah. :)

next, whats to update? yeah, yeah, I know, pastilah about cinta. nda gitu? haha. boring~~ neah.

love life. still. 2182 days already being single. haha. saja ja do the counting in days, barulah gempak.
but, seriously, fully single and available is, since few months ago I thought, fully not connected via heart or what so ever with that somebody-i-used-to-know. and yes, I'm better off without him. neah, we remains as a friend. haha. good friend. what to do. we are too good as a friend, lovers, no luck.

so, cut the story short, sebenarnya aku baru saja perasan tentang diri aku yang sudah terlalu lama numb, a good friend had asked this "so, kalau kau nampak lelaki handsome, you dont go like wahhhh handsomenyaaa dia, aku mau dia things? no? at all?" and to her amazement, i said noo. how blunt, how numb i was back then. and that question were asked few months ago. so, what, i'm numb like 5 years more. no, that was not numb, that was stupid little me. But to my own surprise, recently, aku pandai sudah tengok jejaka ganteng and oh God, why did you close my eyes and my heart for too long. There are like zillions tons cute guys out there. weehooooo. sekadar cuci mata saja lah. cuci hati? sikitlah. :D

soal hati. kosong masih. belum terisi. and you're welcome to change that. :D orang tanya, kenapa single? aku jawab, tiada orang mau. and that was a real answer. mungkin ada kali yang mau tapi nda berani mau suarakan, apa barang. hehe. or menurut mama si zati, "tu lah, suka mandi bogel, itulah jin jatuh hati, jadi manusia semua tiada yang jatuh hati sama kau." that was shocking. :/ please don;t be true, hehe. but still, soal hati dan cinta, kalau cinta tu mau datang, it will find it owns way. and I, will concentrate on being a good me, a good myself first, prepare myself for that special someone. :) cepatlah datang cari saya, putera sayang~ :)

study? semester 5 is a disaster. tapi mungkin its time, untuk buka mata aku, untuk keluar dari zon selamat. 2 semester sebelumnya, aku main kah, keluar jalan kah, menari tunggang langgangkah, still result daebak. But then semester 5, I don't know, and its hard to predict, lulus tu iyalah, but cemerlang, this time no. and I'm a deep struggle to maintain my study and dancing stuff. and I might fail this time management thing this time. sendiri cari sakit, sendiri tanggung orang kata. I don;t know what to say. saat macam ni, mau berhenti pengajian punya rasa pun ada, but then, sudah separuh jalan, jadi usunglah saja apa yang boleh. yakin dengan Allah, hasbi Allah, La hawla wa quwwata illah billah, Allah ada untuk tolong, insyaAllah.

dari segi sababat, well, as I always say, talk about love, I have no luck in that thing. But in friendship things, count me in, I got the best team of friends of all. Alhamdulillah, I am surrounded with good friends, all of them are good, and that is the best presents from Allah that I don't wish to trade with anything. biarlah tiada cinta kalau begini, asal ada kawan-kawan yang baik, pun cukup sudah. :) to name those good people? neah, no need, there's tons of them, habis tercabut keypad laptop menaip nama kamu semua pun tidak habis juga tertaip, so, you know who you are, I love you, each of you. thank you for always being there, through gemuk atau kurusnya aku, through all. :D

families, whats there to story, I got the best families too. :) 

so, whats else you want to know? recent activities, love life, study, friend and family, all updated in yeah, little bit here and there lah, kalau mau complete story, you are welcome to miss call me, lets have a talk. :)

so, new year is coming, it seems like i'll enter 2013 as a single lady, again, for the 6th years. dasar foreveralone. -.-"

but still, i'm happy, and blessed, and contented with the loves around me. syukran Allah.