Monday, August 13, 2012

About me #2

I'm allergic to sweet talker. It takes a real special someone to make me feels that sweet talk is sweet.

If you talk sweet and all i feel is irritation, you failed so just stop or korean say Geummanhae.

You have to know that all those sweet talk, it didn't go just for anybody. Save all those sweet talks for the real one, can you? No?

Pure friendship? Pure love?

I was on the phone with one of my babe last few days. We are talking about, well we talked a lot of course haha. But mainly we open up this issue about love and friendship. Yeah boring~~~~

She did this, confessing her feelings to her best friend. How it happens, it is not the main thing about what I'm about to talk. But this. She said "thats the biggest mistake I've ever made in our friendship, i wont do it again, i wouldn't want to lose my best friend again, i wouldn't want to lose all the laugh we had......"

Confessing our love is not a mistake, i tell her. "ya, tidak salah tapi dengan itu situasi jadi serba salah" which after that i agree. Things became so awkward after that, it takes month of silence before everything be the same like before. Not same, but at least better than silence.

What captured my attention is this "i wouldn't want to lose all the laugh we had...." then i know she's talking about the real friendship. Pure friendship.

I was like ah so this is how real friendship is, i mean between a girl and a boy. Sebab aku pegang mazhab 'tiada lelaki dan perempuan boleh berkawan tanpa ada rasa cinta, pasti ada yang terlebih rasa'.

That feelings, yang dia rasa, biarlah aku hilangkan rasa cinta ni, yang penting aku nda hilang beat friend aku, yang penting kami masih boleh berketawa, ada tempat aku meluah and all that.

That's a remarkable feeling you know. So pure. As long as i have him as friend, it is more than enough.

I always think that I'm building a friendship with my ex. My case might be different because he's my best friend too so it is indeed hard to say the good bye. But i have this thinking that as a friend, I have to leave because I'm giving him spaces so he can love other girls without me on his sight. Well now people, that is not pure friendship. That is a bit feeling of love still hanging within myself. Because if I'm really a good friend, i'll stay, forgetting what ever love that we had, and stay, at least, so that i can hear all the laughter of a friend like what my babe said.

No I'm not thinking of going back or looking back but comparing myself to my babe, i should have stayed.

A pure friendship, it means, we can lose everything, every other thing but not the tears and joy of the people that means the world to us, which is our best friend. Its like you and I, against the world.

But pure love means, it is okay to lose the people that we love as long as they can be happy with the one they love. It is okay, let me cry in silence and you be happy. That is love. Pure love.

For love, it is okay to see your love one from distance.

But for friendship, no that is not okay,i have to be near to share the laughter and joy!

Because friendship means sharing, and love is all about sacrificing.

And that pure love that i meant it can be with anybody not just for lovebirds, for a mother to the child for example maybe something happen and make their relationship turns bad but a mother will still be watching and praying from far away.

Or the better example is how Allah love us despite we're doing so many unforgiven sins, how Allah give us many things even though we're doing all the wrong thing instead of sujud padaNya. That is pure love.

But you're lucky if you can get pure love and friendship from the same person. i used to think that i'm lucky because i used to have that. unfortunately, not anymore. :)

So, that is a bit about pure love and pure friendship from the sight of 21 years old me. Very soon to be 22.

A little advice

You're not supposed to say people changed after knowing s/he just for few months.

Because in just little time, people don't change, but it is just the beginning of showing the real part of them.

And. Here's the little advice baby girl, he didn't changed, he just get bored.....