Tuesday, May 3, 2011


when your loved one ask for time, there are nothing that you can do instead of giving them the time that they ask. We can simply understand, when someone turns to silence, it means they are hurt enough, lets give them the time, shall we?♥

It is hard, I know. 
But no matter how hard we felt, we must know that he/she feels harder than we do.

just gives time, because time is all we need.

when he/she come back,  lets celebrate.
Don't blame, Don't be mad. Don't change anything. Just stay the same.

Just stay the same. Just stay the same.

my all time favourite phrase.

for better, for worse..
for richer, for poorer..
in sickness and in health..
to love and to cherish, 
till death us do part..

It is fate

during a relationship, things will happen. there will be a lot of mistakes, and you might break up. if this happens, remember this, remember why you fell in love in the first place. remember all the times you spent, and all the times you held each other close. remember that you two were brought together for a reason: it’s fate.

to friends, who walked out from my life.

In my definition of friendship, I always tell myself this thing:

"when people walk away from you, let them go"

That is why I never chase my friends back, because if you really want, you can stay, I never ask you to leave.

what I can say is,

Your destiny is never tied to anybody who leaves you, and it doesn’t mean that they are bad people. It just means that their part in your story is over. Letting go is hard, but it’s better to let go than to hold on to something that was never meant to be. so hold your head high gorgeous, and stay strong because once you let go, better things are going to come along.

lots of love,
from your long time friend,
Siti Khairunisah Samblih.