Sunday, October 10, 2010

keinginanku yang membuatkan aku agak pelik,=]..

there's one thing about me,something that i think it's ridiculous and annoying but,that's me..=]

that thing is,i dont like to have the same thing as others..its not to the phase until i own the only one thing in this world but enough when i didnt see it often anywhere,hahaha..

soooo,what actually happen is,now,im totally in love with LOMO..

what is LOMO??

its vintage,its out-dated,it is.......................great!

when everyone is trying to own their own DSLR, im busy searching for the best LOMO for me...
in white,of course..=]

the price,it can be as low as RM100,actually there are lots that are lower than rm100..
and can be up to thousands...depend on the function,of course..

for me,it is so unique...

i've told my ibu..and she says "kenapa pula mau balik ke zaman pakai filem??"

and i answered "coz anak ibu memang begini,mau lain2,=]"

sooo,hahahahaha..talking too much until i didnt explain what is LOMO,sorry for that..

LOMO stands for Leningrad Optical & Mechanical Union..

in an easy way...LOMO is a camera that uses film..yeah,FILM..
sooo,you have to go to the shop and "cuci",hahhaha..

these cameras produce different pictures depends on the type of cameras that you own..there's the fisheye,where your pictures will be in circle..the multilenses,that make your pictures readily made as 4up or even 8up..there's one,i forgot what the camera's name,but it can take a picture with 360 view...awesome,right..

so soon,so soon i'll own my LOMO..not one but a lot,hehe..