Monday, July 19, 2010

perjalananku di menara gading bermula

Assalamualaikum,salam 1 malaysia semua,=)

good are you today?hope kamu ok2 sja semua aa..

soo,tba2 i would like to talk bout my new path today..

i'm in U now!!!wow,hahahaha..

a common question..'best ka jadi mahasiswa?'

how shud i answer??hahahahaha..

it feels d same..its just im in a new place,new environment with new frens and all new,all brand new..=)

i came here on 1st july,arrived in KLIA at about 22.20..i came here with ayah and lina..lina will be in d same U and same faculty with me but not 1 course..talking about ayah came here to send me..actually ibu and lil bro,azam,wanna come along too..but its early in d month..ibu and ayah cant go together bcoz 1 of them have to stay,to manage d bisnes..soo,people,this is what you will experienced if u got a busy parents,,its ok with me ok..we r a happy family,d ordinary kind of family..i love them..

well,i duno what i shud feel at the time i get the offer letter..its far away,here..i've imagined too much bout studying near to d family,so that i can have car,so that i can go home whenever i like..but what can i do?thus,i believe ALLAH have prepared a treasure here for me kan..

life is simple..apa yg datang,kita trima..apa yg mau pergi,biarkan..

see,simple as that..dats why i'll just go through the flow..

3weeks here,actually i still cant view or predict anything,kcuali,i know that i wont have problem to shopping,hahhaha..kuantan served me right,hahaha..its only whether i have money or not but its not afreedom for me to tabur duit mcm ja aku nie org kaya,no no..still,i'll buy the priority..but,did u call buying 2 shoes at a time priority??hahahaah,thats my problem..i adored shoes..i fancy them crazily..i shud find a way to control it..have any idea??feel free to tell me ok..

thats a picture of me and 3 of my friends..we are the xpdt-ian from matrik,we will be close here..its aida,lina and azie..

people often says,friends in university are the one who will lasts forever??then i hope and i wish its true ok..

it doesnt mean all your previous frens are not precious,no,its not like that..its a life frens might came along this path but u guys are still in my heart,i love u guys!

for my studies,it gonna be tough, keep saying that life in U will be much more easier compared to in matrik..oh my??but why did i feel this is more harder??hahahahha..its ok,its ok,i'll njoy the stress..i have 4 years to finish my course but i am planning to finish it in 3years or less?hahahaha,btul ba aku ckp bgtu??hahahaha..yes,i'm planning for it..which means,i have to work damn hard..its for my future,and to make my parents proud..ibu ayah,as i am typing this blog,i missed you both more~~

ok la,i have class in 10minutes,gotta go..people,have a good day and take care..ALLAH bless you all..