Sunday, July 18, 2010


assalamualaikum and good day semua..=)
today is 18th july 2010..18th july is one of the important date in my life..
why is that??
coz 6 years ago,on the same that..i've found my love..
in the age of 14,i've found 'love'..
and until today,it is still my love..the one that i kept holdong on,no matter what happen,with or without him..
thus,today is actually our 6th anniversary but we broke up 3 and a half years ago..
though we broke up,i've never felt that way..well,i know i'm single..
but he is still there for me..
don't ask me why did we have this i-dont-know-what-this-relationship-name..
i don't have the answer..
but,i've read it somewhere that "lets be nothing,i heard it lasts forever"..
i guess its true??well,i dont know..
don't laugh at me bcoz i kept saying i don't know,i don't know..=)
there's things in this world that need not to be explain bcoz there's no explanation for it..
well,last night,i've found a new thoughts of love..
credits to kak amalina peter,ur blog inspired me..the one bout your pertemuan with your is one of the greatest love story ive ever known..
i know,i wont be like them..coz my love story started so early..but i have time to change it in the future..
it makes me wanna marry pada saat dan ketika ini juga,
well,well..people,stop telling me that there's a lot and maaany guys out there..
i know,ok..i know..yes there's a lot of guys out there but there is only one guy that matter..
so,please stop talking shit..please stop judging..dont underestimate me or even him..
now,lets talk a bit about him..
outsiders,i know a lot of you say he is that type of guy..that type which is playboy,play with girls heart,didnt serious and what so ever la..then i would like to clarify..he is not playboy but he is an ordinary boy who enjoy his life to the fullest..dont blame him if kamu(perempuan2 yg berkenaan) yg cepat cair sma lelaki..i admit,mulut dia ini sngat manis,tp kita sbgai pmpuan jgan la juga tlmpau cpat prasan..biasa la ba tu lelaki..kita yg kna pndai2 jga diri and bezakn mksud yg dia ckp kn..believe me,he is a good guy..its just he is enjoying his life to the fullest..
Mr you-know-who-you-are,
i wanna marry you..
i love you..
it is not hard to love and wait for you coz i do it for the sake of ALLAH..
im gonna do whatever it takes for however long..
every second since 18072004 is about you..
i never failed to love you since then..
there is time where i thought i cant do it anymore but something beneath me tell me to go on..
i didnt know what ALLAH had planned for us,dear..
but if still,in the end,we are not meant for each otha,its ok..but definitely i'll be upset coz i adored you..
but i belive ALLAH had prepared a beautiful story for us so what i need to do is just go through it..
last but not least,i didnt promise to love you forever coz i didnt know what will happen in the future but in the mean time,i'll love you..i'll love you til the time ALLAH say no..
thank you for loving me though you didnt say it now but i know you do love me deep in your heart(gila yakin aku),hahahahahahah..=)
have a good day,people..ALLAH bless you..