Sunday, August 15, 2010

industrial chemistry..

assalamualaikum,salam salam salam,salam hormat,ahhaahaahahha..=))

how are you guys lately??been busy for your life i guess??same as me here..
struggling enough to mantain a life as a student,fuuh,haha..
so,what actually i want to talk about now??
i want to talk about my course,i want to tell about my future..

tiba2 aku rasa mau bespeaking,sabar ja la kamu aa,hehe..

it's nearly 6 weeks i am here,here at ump..
my course,industrial chemistry..what is that??ahahahaha..
to tell you the truth,back in 3 weeks ago,i still didn't know what will i be in future..
suddenly,during my industrial chemistry lecture somewhere in the third week,
i finally know what is the purpose for me to study industrial chemistry,hahahha..
u know what i'll be??
hahaha,i'll be an industrial chemist..
more specific??
i'll be dealing more with oil,see la what major i'll take later,ahhhaha..
because suddenly in that class,the lecturer show us the picture of 'pelantar minyak',
and i was like,'oh????really???' and he continue to talk about how to make oil from flower and so on..then i said..'okay,this will be interesting..'hahahhaha..

just right after the class,i called ayah and ibu and both of them were excited,especially ayah,hahahaha..well,of course ayah felt happy because i'm leading towards his legacy,hahahahaha..and after that,when i called ayah or ayah called me,he will ask "apa kau blaja hari ni nak?buat minyak?" hahahhahhahahaahhaha..

so,i will be an industrial chemist,=)..