Saturday, September 4, 2010


wah..what can i say..=)

its my birthday..hahaha..i'm officially 20 years old..woah,how do i feel??G.R.E.A.T! =)

it started greatly,where the first wish i get in fb was from AHMAD AIZAT ZAINI, its about 10pm here in malaysia but its already 0000 there,so he wished me..haha..tanx jad..

then,the first wish i get by text was from NOOR HAZLIZAH SAPLI at 1150pm malaysia time of course..=)..tanx glen..

well,the first call on phone,really2 on time at 0000 malaysia's time is him,hahahahha..
i'm quite nervous waiting for 0000 actually..i thought he had forgotten my came out that he didn't forget..thanks ALLAH for that..he even asked,"am i the first to wish you?",i'm quite shocked,since when that thing matter on him..good good,ada peningkatan,hehe..thank you sayang..

then,a lot and lot friends wishes me in fb..seriously guys,u all made my day..i think its more than 150 wishes,i have no kudrat to count all of it,hehehe..thanks guys..

then,ibu and ayah wish me in the morning.."ada org bday ka nie hari?happy birthday dear.." agak sebak aku time tu,heheh..

to izzati maisyarah..
thanks for the card and cute little you-do-it-yourself cake for me..=)
ini budak sngat kreatif...

to my ladies in ump,
nong azie,mia,aida,lina,lisa,delia n asmie..
tanx for the celbration...
mountain dew and big apple=complete,=)..

to myself,bila semua orang sayang kau,kenapa perlu ada saat kau sedih dalam hidup??life sucks sometime,but with all these angels you have,u didnt have any problem to survive my dear..with all the love u have,from ibu ayah,family,him,friends and anyone,you should live your life to the fullest!

happy 20th birthday to myself!!=)

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